Coaching & Mentoring

Transforming knowledge into skill.

Turning knowledge into skill takes time and effort. Having access to a coach and a mentor with senior dealership experience ensures that your progress is accelerated, with new skills based solidly in our years of practical experience.

Research shows that at best, only 20% of classroom training knowledge is retained. Regular in-dealership visits and hands-on contact develops your teams more effectively. Our industry experience coaches are able to bring new ideas into your business, creating actionable points that the team may not have thought of.

Quazar Automotive’s team are experienced in the Dealership environment: from Director level to Dealer Principals, Financial Management, F&I to Sales Managers and Aftersales. We have the expertise you need.

Combinations Work Best – Training & In-dealership coaching.

Our most successful programmes combine training with in-dealership coaching – it works.

Quazar Automotive recognise the value that coaching and mentoring plays in developing anyone at dealership level. Having those one-on-one interactions with our dealership experienced teams has proven to add significantly to the bottom line.

We devise the coaching and mentoring programmes to suit you in whatever discipline:

  • Dealer Principals
  • Line Management
  • Sales Teams
  • Service Teams


Coaching and mentoring programmes work best over an extended period of time and we make our coaches available throughout the whole program. This ensures continuity and the independent view giving the candidate the confidence to ask anything without fear.