Adding genuine value to the business comes from having an outside view on what is happening. As a consultancy, we take a real look at the issues and opportunities within your business and put in place the changes necessary to release the issues and realise the opportunities for increased revenue and profit.

Using Consultants with Automotive Experience accelerates performance and returns. Our teams have an in-depth understanding of how Dealerships operate and can get straight to work earning the confidence of the Dealership team. Use of seasoned industry professionals allows us to not only see where the opportunities lie but deliver on the how and what to do to unlock this potential within your business.

Creating lasting change – Quazar Business Accelerator

Always the most difficult thing to do is creating meaningful and lasting change when you need it – actually you need it all the time to stay ahead!

Quazar have developed a robust process for identifying and managing change within any Dealership environment. Whether the business is struggling or wants to stay ahead the Quazar Business Accelerator works:

The 6-day five stage programme forms the basis for any business development initiative or change management programme you need.

  • Stage 1 – Research and Audit
  • Stage 2 – Planning
  • Stage 3 – Communication
  • Stage 4 – Coaching
  • Stage 5 – Review and Adaptation

We work to evolve your business together.