Data Analytics & Software Solutions

Profit through Data

To make meaningful decisions in the business there has to be both qualitative and quantitative data to guide those decisions and measure the progress of any strategic plan put into place.

ASE-Global have partnered with Quazar Automotive in Southern Africa to provide just that – focussing on quantitative data collection, aggregation and analysis both ASE and Quazar can use their vast experience in the industry to accelerate the success of any plan.


ASE have over 40 years’ experience in gathering dealer data and aggregating it into a single format for OEM’s and Dealers alike to make meaningful decisions and plans about what to do next to drive Dealer Profitability. ASE’s Dealer Benchmarking System (DBS) is at the forefront of business management tools providing those that use the system, OEM’s and Dealers, with accurate, timely and highly detailed management information reports so that they can make business decisions and create competitive edge corporate strategies that will produce real time positive and efficient business outcomes.

The DBS system is set up to reflect the way you want to represent the chart of accounts with KPI’s that you want. ASE’s base of 13 major KPI’s are world recognised as the significant drivers of dealer profitability. Any standard reports required for other interested parties, Head Offices and Trade Associations for example, can be automated saving time for the teams to do what they do best and develop dealers.

Quality Data:
Using a two level approach to data validation means that, not only is the data more accurate, but trusted. Level one is at the system level, each OEM can decide the validation it requires for each cell on input and then a second level of human intervention to ensure that all submissions are accurate and understood.

Reporting & Analytics:

Standard and bespoke reports are easily set up and run from the user end, negating lost time waiting for the provider to write reports, admin is also carried out at the user end for the same reason. Analysing and identifying early any dealer at risk is vitally important to early intervention. ASE’s DBS system identifies Dealers at risk

Other Applications:
OEM’s have been using data aggregation for years to ensure a profitable dealer network, and therefore a successful brand, with composites and KPI’s used to encourage dealer development. However, in an age of expansive dealer groups with diverse DMS’s and OEM’s and Currencies, DBS could be utilised to efficiently create meaningful accounts at all levels; Dealer, Brand, Region, National in a fraction of the time it takes to collate and analyse in other tools, such as Excel.

About ASE:
ASE is a technology enabled, strategic consulting firm that provides customised, bespoke intelligent solutions to the retail automotive industry. They enable OEM’s and Dealers to increase the accuracy of their business information and decision making to enhance the profitability of their retail networks around the World.
The entire ASE team are 100% focused on the retail motor industry comprising Chartered Accountants, Dealership Management Accountants, ex-Dealer Principals and Dealer Group Heads and two Information Technology Centres of Excellence (UK and Austria). ASE has delivered composite data to the motor industry for over 40 years, during which time it has produced in excess of 1 million reports.
ASE is currently trusted to deliver 180 Business Management Solutions in over 50 countries, serving over 30 automotive brands and over 18,000 Dealers. This includes Global Manufacturer Business Management solutions.

Business Management Tools

RAPID MiData and Metis.

Through ASE-Global’s Rapid system we are able to offer composite data services with truly advanced reporting and data mining capabilities.

  • Individual dealers map their accounts to the central system using the Metis portal via a simple to use drop and drag program and once mapped a simple CSV upload does the rest.
  • Centrally, the Rapid system brings all this data together in standardised reports and bespoke data interrogation through the MiData system. Rapid can be used to import any other data that needs measuring, CSI, Registration Data, HR or whatever else that you use on a regular basis. Over 60,000 lines of data can be analysed in the MiData data cube.
  • All data is validated at two levels; system and then human ensuring that reported numbers are accurate.
  • Together we review, monthly, the findings from the data looking for potential opportunities or solutions for issues.

Aftersales Tools

Dryve Service Planner

Quazar Automotive has developed a cloud based software tool that allows Dealers to offer their own Service Plans and have the benefit of guaranteed future services paid in advance!

The Dryve software:

  • Creates a quote based on:
    • Current mileage
    • Annual mileage
    • Model
    • Dealers own service pricing
  • Quotes on:
    • Services selected
    • Time based additional services – cambelt, brake fluid, gearbox oil
    • Ad-hoc requires specific to the customer
  • Creates the contract – between the dealership and the customer
  • Collects the debit order
  • Manages the customers contract/payments through the life of the contract
  • Makes the payment to the dealer of the payments collected monthly

The Dryve Service Plan is not governed by the FSB, FAIS or the banking act and can be offered by anyone in the dealership.

Dryve is an easy to use aftersales retention tool with real benefits for both the customer and the dealer alike.

Service Plans

  • A Service Plan means you will recieve a guaranteed future income, improve profitability and allow for better financial planning.