Quazar Automotive Teams Up With ASE Global

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To make car dealerships more profitable using enhanced retail data

Quazar Automotive, a leading provider of consulting, training and financial data services to South Africa’s Automotive sector, has announced an alliance with UK-based ASE Global that will significantly enhance Quazar’s data analytics capabilities that are used to maximise operational efficiency and profitability in the automotive retail sector.

ASE have operated in the automotive industry for over 40 years, providing motor trade-specific professional services, and the detailed analysis of retail dealership performance data.

Paul Cape Quazar AutomotiveQuazar Automotive director, Paul Cape, commented: “Operating in 50 markets globally, with a team of 300 industry specialists supporting some 18 000 car dealerships for 37 different OEM’s, ASE are a trusted partner in the drive for greater profitability and compliance in the automotive sector.

“Improving profitability in our dealer network begins with the ability to get accurate data as quickly as possible. ASE Global allows us to do that, and offer advanced data services with first class analysis tools in either the traditional composite services or in department-specific management tools.

“Our ability to access and analyse great data that is subject to a robust two-stage validation process means that the information we are using is trustworthy and meaningful to everyone who uses it.

“From developing bespoke training and one-on-one in-dealership staff coaching, through to monthly dealer data analytics, our partnership with ASE adds to the depth of expertise and levels of service we’re able to offer our clients.”

– Paul Cape, Quazar Automotive Director

“Quazar Automotive’s vision is to be a source of energy that inspires, from which is distilled the mantra that its people, process and data are the factors that make the difference in our industry. The relationship with ASE makes this easier to achieve.”

ASE provides state-of-the-art business tracking tools that help monitor the health of individual dealers and global vehicle retail networks, to reduce business risk and ensure that sales maximise the bottom line.

Using a cloud-based system, ASE Global’s RAPID Business Management tool delivers key performance data reports to manufacturers, field staff and dealers. ASE collate composite data for over 18 000 dealers worldwide, producing analysis reports for most automotive manufacturers on a global basis.

This perspective allows ASE to aggregate knowledge and use benchmarking to drive best practice and profitability. RAPID produces accurate, timely and relevant performance information for identifying strengths and weaknesses and driving dealership profitability.

MiProfiler+ is another tool unique to ASE. This application assists dealers in maximising used car profit, highlighting weaknesses in controls over used stock, calculating the true cost of holding over-age vehicles, and assisting with planning inventory while helping to determine the pricing and margin strategy for used vehicles.

Mike Fazal ASE GlobalMike Fazal, CCO at ASE, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with a company such as Quazar which has such a strong track record of delivering value in the automotive sector. While accepting that the South African new car market cannot remain immune from current domestic and fiscal challenges, the franchised network continues to innovate in finding new ways to improve key operating measures.

“Working closely with Quazar’s consultants we will provide franchised dealers with faster, more accurate and validated data that will allow them to improve the quality of their day-to-day operational decision-making as well as making it easier for them to understand which parts of their business to invest in.”