Empowering teams to deliver

Quazar Automotive has the knowledge and experience to create bespoke training courses and coaching modules from start to finish. We have experience in localising international content, and delivering training on the material, whether in the classroom, in-dealership or online. Quazar Automotive can create all the collateral required from product launch videos, to online tutorials, manuals and workbooks, alongside delivering exceptional marketing communications to drive attendance.

Full range of automotive training courses can be developed

Just some of the areas we cover:

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Quazar Automotive Branded Sales Training

We take Quazar Automotive’s zonal approach to selling and brand it to your company.
We are happy to bespoke build any additional features important to you in the process.

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Finance & Insurance

Quazar Automotive’s F&I division can provide soft skills training in needs analysis, selling and systems training for F&I’s either in the classroom or in-dealership.

We also offer NVQ level 4 accreditation with the necessary support for the candidate to have all the right documentation for submission.

Bespoke Training

Whatever the training or consulting need Quazar Automotive can design and write the material and deliver in any format:


Localised Training

Whether Sales or Aftersales Quazar Automotive will undertake to localise international training and are able to support with:

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Commercial Sales Training

  • Commercial sales training usually takes on the B2B environment where Quazar has experience of developing programmes for other industries in B2B sales, developing the complete sales process, the training and material (including scripts).

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